​L. Ann Marie

Former Green Beret turned FBI Tactical Commander Joshua Wheeler is a Man Eater. Trained as a killing machine, Wheeler brings something different into our new EROP office and everyone notices but Wheeler.

Following orders is all he knows. He doesn’t need opinions muddying up the waters. His new job and family are more than he’d hoped for. He’s ready to find his woman. Another job that he plans on succeeding at.

Kimberly is in trouble. She just doesn’t know it. If it’s not terrorists, the CIA or FBI, it’s Wheeler. A lying ex made
her life a whining country song. She’s playing it straight and hoping for the best.

Bombs, overseas 
Ops and
new players are added to our growing cast. Come see how the golden girls are growing too. The Providence FBI Ops Field Office is waiting for you. 

The Providence Series

Former Delta turned FBI Tactical Commander Rafael Saber doesn’t know how to be anything but the cliché military player with women just waiting for him to show up. New is never easy, but Michelle is, for about 3 days.

When Saber is put in his place by one woman, another finds his charm and a panty-dropping smile worth the risk. Assistant DA, Cassidy knows she’s worth more than a Delta Groupie title and makes Saber work for it.

Jump into the world of adventure and laugh out loud situations that keep Rafael and Cassidy’s life interesting. The Providence FBI Ops Field Office is waiting for you. 

 Saber’s D’Artagnan

Former Green Beret turned FBI Tactical Commander, Brekan Graywolf, never expected to see his old team lead or friend again. Landing at EROP feels surreal.

Loving Harper was never easy, but he spent too long fueled by anger and needs an explanation. She’s got a chain around his neck that saved his life, but not his body. With burns covering one side of him, Brekan moves to the place he knows she’ll show eventually.

Harper is not the person to put up with bullshit. She’s not happy and doesn’t think he’s a good addition to the unit. Her unit. She is not moving away from family and the 
job she loves for him. He just better stay out of her life.  Type your paragraph here.