​L. Ann Marie

Prophet: Dakota has never known Brotherhood. A warrior and special abilities makes for a busy but lonely Dakota. Without the ability to sustain simple touch Dakota is weary but happily surprised by Jessie and Jess's offer. Learning to live with a new partner and wife is easy compared to the Brotherhood that is offered through the Club. 

Excerpt: Leader - Princes of Prophecy Book 3

“I’m not leaving her.” It’s taking everything in me to keep that hold on her and keep functioning normally. I’m not giving up and I’m not giving in.

Brenda has tears in her eyes. “I can stay.”

“You already do. You’re here in the day and I’m here at night. I’m not leaving her. I’ll get a nurse to stay with her at the house. I’ll stay here with the boys. I’ll do any fuckin’ thing but leave her.”

“She needs hospital care. She still has pressure that’s being drained,” the doctor says.

“Then I’m staying. I don’t need the nurses checking on the boys. I’ve done everything for them without help from the minute I held them. They’re healthy and strong. They can stay with me.” He walks out pissed. Brenda just looks at me. “I am not leaving her. She needs to know we’re here. She’s going to get that from me. I have no problem with you staying in the day, but I’ll be here until she’s ready to come home.”

“She could have brain damage. They’re draining blood from her brain.” Tears are running down her face.

I put my hand up. “I’m not doing this. My boy died, he’s here and healthy. She’s still here and she’s breathing on her own. Nothing is written and I will not spend one fuckin’ minute of my time on a maybe. I’ll wait and deal with whatever the fuck happens when I need to, but I will not let her go and I am not leaving her.” She walks out.

Dakota looks at me. “I will not say anything that gets me kicked out too.”

I laugh and kiss Phoenix’s head.

Reader: Life in the MC isn't always easy but Darren learned to navigate around his deafness. As VP of the Princes he's in all the meetings and knows how the Club runs but he still misses the little shit. When he meets Eliza he realizes just how much he's missed. While he teaches her about respect Eliza teaches Darren how resilient women are. 

Sniper: PTSD is Taylor's story. Heart wrenching memories hit him hard. His Brothers have his back but it's Beth that gives him a reason to fight and he does. The Brothers show Beth how they take care of their own while showing Taylor they'll ALWAYS have his back.

Coder: Often overlooked, Brantley finally gets noticed. He's the only Officer that's a single dad and shows his Brothers that he's not only capable but Badass too. Our resident IT geek offers Holly protection and falls hard and fast before realizing how much of an old lady she already is.

RI MC Princes of Prophecy

Enforcer: Growing up Badass has its advantages, being treated like a Brother as a grown woman isn't one of them. Sheila struggles to find herself after being raped. Jax shows her how a woman should be treated while adding hopes and dreams to her baggage, along with the kids, dog and an RV.