Moniz continues our MC series in book 9:

As a young runaway, Geek was offered shelter in the most unlikely of places. He was told he had a purpose which sparked a determination to serve the MC for a chance at food and a room daily. Now, Head of IT for the Badass Brothers, he's 
the go to guy when there's trouble and Badass always find trouble. Human trafficking takes center stage again when a hacker tries to get into Geeks secured files.
Marty lives through hell daily at the hands of her kidnappers, waiting to see glimpses of her daughter only through a computer. She's
promisedreal life
contact if she helps the traffickers. She'll do whatever it takes to make sure that promise is kept. Putting her life on the line she catches the attention of our Badass Geek and hopes that he can find her daughter before she's sold.The Club and Baxters all gather to help find the traffickers and change the Club forever with some help from an unlikely source. Respecting women is one thing. Are the Brothers ready for a woman in High Security?

 Pres: Of all the characters Pres is the one that gives me the most trouble. He is regal in mannerisms and a gifted leader to the people that follow him. Under all that is a man. One with insecurities and baggage from his first wife.
I didn’t write Pres first because he needed time for people to understand why he’s Pres. Without the knowledge of what he has done for the 
Club, he would just be another man. I couldn’t have just any man at the head of this growing Club.

I needed a visionary, a new kind of leader; I needed Ben James. 

Callahan Book 7 of the MC series brings us to our gentle giant Tiny.

With Nancy determined to get her way Tiny finds himself in the middle of his worst nightmare. Dr. Phil and Oprah have him worried that kids will tear his little family apart and they're right.
Nancy has had enough. Tiny is
great with kids and she wants more. With the help of the Brothers and Jeremy, Nancy finally gets her wish. Just when they are settling into their new lives a street-smart kid does the unthinkable throwing the house and family into turmoil.An abused mute boy, kids being bullied and Tiny's secret
have the MC stretched to the limit. The Brothers step in to the fight to eliminate child sex trafficking while showing Tiny and Nancy how far 'we take care of our own' goes, but will it be enough to save their marriage?

  Continuing our MC Series is Rich and Patches, Danny’s sons.
Rich spent his teenage years in the MC. He's sent to get military training in hopes of becoming a Club Officer in Security. Saving a village of women and children earned him a medal of valor. But medals won't win him the respect he's looking for. Working hard he earns a position second to Steve, finally getting his Brothers loyalty. But Rich wants more. He does everything with his roommate/Brother Patches, including bedding women.
Patches lost his family when he was young; he makes sure his new family feels the love he longed for growing up. Keeping people close is work for Patches, but he's drawn in by the LaPontes. With the two Brothers doing everything from homework to skiing, the siblings form a bond that runs deep and true.
When their Club buys a woman to free her from the rival Outlaws, they find work is not the only challenge they have to face. Falling for an abused woman and being dominant by nature is not an obstacle Rich is confident he can overcome. 

 Badass, Native, ex-Seal = Cloud Blackhawk Book 5

Blackhawk: Cloud has proven himself to the MC now he has to prove he's worthy of CJ and her kids. With a warriors heritage and determination, Cloud protects his new family that has extraordinary abilities. Fostering kids has never been easy but CJ learns what Brotherhood means and how good life can be even if they're batshit crazy. 

 Brighton Book 8 continues the MC Series with our favorite Badass geek.

Digs life is threatened almost daily by the Brothers that recruited him at seventeen. It's only a matter of time before the computer wiz gets caught up in the crazy of the MC. Never having made it to a second date worries Digs, but Penny caught his eye and Patches sent him a list. What could possibly go wrong? When he asks Penny out, he has no idea that the baggage from her violent ex will change his life forever.
Penny has been under the MC's protection from the minute she hit the battered women's shelter. After years of her ex's 
stalking and the MC stepping in she's breathing easier. Numerous surgeries  gives her confidence, maybe even enough to start dating. With the old ladies pushing her to hook up with a Brother Penny jumps in the dating pool.
Jake wants a shot with Penny, Digs pushes his way in and her ex takes
notice. Penny's life will never be the same. Can the MC get rid of her ex once and for all? Jiminy, that would solve one problem, now what to do about Jake and Digs.

Bob keeps the Brothers motivated and fighting for right when he almost loses it all. Tailley is Book 6

Bob shows his Brothers what Badass really is after an accident leaves him changed for life. He has no time for disabilities and with Baxter
help he's back to head of Family Security keeping everyone safe. When he realizes Amanda isn't the Club chick he mistook her for, he pulls out all stops to win her over. Following his Brothers advice and Patches list, just might work.
Amanda is no meek and mild woman that runs at the first sign of trouble. She's made it to her dream of owning an ink shop. A secret crush, a couple of drinks for courage and a mashed-up bucket list changes everything. Can the quiet player ever be boyfriend material? She has no one to ask. Finding her place with the old ladies eases the loss of her twin and gains her some answers. Her EMT training, a smart mouth and her adaptability surprise the Brothers when they find themselves in need of her help.Can Bob teach Amanda that Badass isn't just for the good days?

Ricky shows us what Badass is in book 10 of the MC Series.

This book should be read after the Princes of Prophecy and Christian.
Way too much to drink is to blame for the almost literal shotgun wedding that ties Ricky and Elizabeth together. She's his best friend's little sister, his VP's 

and Pres's niece. How do you say no? Finally being taken seriously, he does not need this shit now, he doesn't need to die either. Figuring the easiest thing to do is go along with it he marries Elizabeth. Knight is not happy and C4 is the least of Ricky's worries.
Elizabeth is proving Badass runs deep in the Knight family. With some help from Little 
Ben, she may make it out of all this alive. Her biggest threat is not the Brothers or the crazy attacks the MC is fighting. It's her dad. Trying to figure out what she's worth to her self, her Club and her new husband takes
some work. The old ladies jump in and nothing is as it seems.

Can Ricky convince her he's all in before doubt has her walking?

The MC 

Book two of the MC series continues with Knights brother-in-law Danny.
Danny is a gifted architect, 
hidden dyslexia and a player. His son leaving for the military draws him back to the Club where he loses himself in MC chicks and whores. Holding Kate at arm’s length while claiming rights to her loses him respect. Doubt about his worth and position behind a gun for his Club opens his eyes and has him scrambling to prove himself to his Brothers and Kate. Life changes after surviving a gunshot wound to the face. Giving Kate everything she wants is his new outlook if she'll still have him.
Kate spent years judging every relationship against Danny's with his ex. She finally gets her shot only to realize he's not all in. She decides to find out if it's Danny or the idea of 'all in' by dating anyone but him. Her biological clock is ticking loud and clear. A chance at a new life thrills her. Is there such a thing as too many kids?As domestic violence takes center stage, Kate is seen in a new light and shows the MC that
Badassis not gender
specific. Pres decides the Club can help with shelter security and Danny just may be the man for the job. But is he the man for Kate?

Behind the Scenes is book 0 but read after Moniz book 9.
Axe: The Ultimate Sacrifice
Before Ben James and Steve Knight, as President and VP, there was Wall and Axe. Wall worked to get out of the flesh trade and drugs. Axe was the soldier that could make it happen. They pay the ultimate price to put the man with the vision in power. See how a young Tiny, Knight and Ben shield the kid that was found eating out of the dumpster.
The Ultimate Sacrifice shows us how it all started.

Patches List
Not having a family of his own he watched 
from a
far to see what “Normal” was. He learned from other’s actions what worked and what didn’t. He watched how people treated each other, how men treated women, and how the women responded to those actions. This is just a small part of what he learned.                         Barbi Barnard

More Than Ink

The Little Brothers are growing up. They learn about being men and heal through the ink that covers the horror of seeing one of their own hurt.

Book 4 of the MC Series continues with Pres.
Pres has never been on shakier ground. Can he keep his 
Club, Kate and Danny happy?
Ben lives for his Club and community with the vision of a better world, but he does it alone. His life derails when Danny asks him to become a partner with him and Kate.  Pres has never been on shakier ground.
A drunken New Year's party started this unlikely trio. Danny believes Ben is the yin to his yang and puts Ben in front of his Kate every chance he gets. He'll give Kate whatever she wants and finally, she wants Ben. A house full of kids, a Club that's always watching and a President that loses his shit is a lot for one man to choreograph. He has to teach Ben what 'all in' means before Kate's deadline. It's a race he plans on winning if he could just get Pres to fall in line.

Knight: Book 1   
Government trained autistic assassin protects his Club like no other.
Steve is the VP of the MC. He's autistic, talks funny—especially when stressed, and swears like a sailor. His mind works like a machine, focusing singularly on potential problems and clearing them with precision and stealth. Military trained as a SEAL, he was a satellite for his team, but rarely involved with them. Working alone is what he’s best at, doing it quietly is what he excels at, and eliminating a threat to his MC family is what he was born to do. When he turns that focus on Jess she doesn't stand a chance and her natural sub tendencies are a perfect fit.
Jess is content being single. After three years of being asked out, she finally says yes to Steve. She lives with a debilitating ailment and has to keep moving. She is determined to hide that from her new MC family.With her finance degree, she helps the MC stay out of the drug trade and they offer protection from union bosses. Pres works with Jess to get businesses up and profitable enough to keep his MC going and growing. Keeping drugs out of their newly attained clean world is a challenge that Steve will not walk away from especially when Jess becomes the target.

​L. Ann Marie