Free information:

My books are on KU because they all connect. With so many books it is expensive to buy the four series so KU is helpful to those that need it. 

Because they are on KU I am not allowed to put them up on any other platform. So the FREE books are on Kobo, iTunes and Smashwords but the others are not allowed up there according to Amazon guidelines. 

My books are fiction.

I no longer live in New England.

I do not write on demand. 

I will never say I won't ever write another book for the Series that are out, but it is not planned.

Watch my FB page or join the newsletter for more on that. 

I don't have time frames for books. I write one book at a time and publish them as soon as I get them corrected. I don't hold them for a certain day. They are released as I finish them. 

I don't have plans, outlines or even ideas of what's next...whoever is yelling loudest (in my head) usually wins. 

I have new characters in a new setting trying to talk to me now...Once Kaleb and Jeremy are done I may play with them. 

​Happy Reading and thanks for playing on my site!

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My life in Links

What I would give for one of Mitch's Badass designs.  

For now, I live with Duke's ingenuity and a reader's pic of my future possibilities.

TY Jenny!